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Specialist Vehicle Performance Solutions for Trade and Retail Customers

 Some people want MORE from their vehicle – new and exciting features that were overlooked by the manufacturer.

enhanced performance

optimal driving experience

boost in power

better fuel economy

Intune gives you the opportunity to realise this potential our tuning.


Brilliant service, excellent communications, very reliable and quality service. 10/10. I can't praise enough. thank you so much for all your support and help.
Balal Din
Mobile Remapping UK

What do we offer?

Are you a garage owner, fleet manager or a retail customer looking for a professional vehicle remapping service; either way we’ve got the solution for you.

Professional retail remapping service for customers looking to adjust and enhance the performance of their vehicle or add a little something to their driving experience.

With a huge range of potential optimisations, we guarantee there’s an option to fit your ambition.

We offer mobile services if you can’t get to us, or in house remapping if you fancy heading over; either way let’s level you up!


Fast and efficient file tuning for garages offering remapping services.

Provide quicker and simpler services to your customers – a great reputation with no extra hassle or overinflated costs in the process.

Our ECU file tuning service uses our specialist software developed in-house by calibration experts to cover the widest range of tuning available on the market.


Why choose us?

We’ve got years of industry know-how

More than you can count on your hands, that’s for sure. Our experts have worked across many sectors of engine tuning bringing an expanse of knowledge that makes us confident we’re the top choice.

Our R&D keeps us ahead of the pack

We don’t just rely on other people’s data, we conduct our own, in-house research & development to ensure that we can offer you the very best in enhanced vehicle tuning.

We’re fast, really fast

Without blowing our own exhaust pipe, we’ve got our tuning process down to a fine art. You get quality and delivery in a fraction of the time, giving you time back to spend however you like.

Value without compromise

We boast the cheapest retail remapping and file tuning software in the UK, BUT without any compromise on speed, efficiency or quality.

Quality second to none.

Our software has been used across the globe on some incredible projects (think jetskis & Bugatti Veyron’s!) and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to deliver for our customers, every time.

About Intune Performance

Intune Performance Started in 2015 after I left one of the biggest ECU File Providers in the UK, I wanted to give the industry something that it had been screaming out for since the early 2000s. An exciting tuning service that suited all of the tuners and end customer’s needs, The Industry was too dull and generic.

End customers needed to find the true potential in their vehicles and modified setups along with all the added extras that come with applying modified software patches to an ECU. I quickly got to work on setting up a system and process to help garages and tuning outlets around the globe to tune cars correctly. Working close with these professionals, as a team, we have achieved better custom tunes for a fraction of the cost. Whilst keeping the pride and passion of the work.

In 2018, Intune Performance started to gain some momentum around the world. With help from our tuning outlets, we opened our Research and Development centres across Europe, this ensures new features and software are always being worked on.

We work on a “OTS” Basis, This means “Off The Shelf” base tunes, we program or send the tuning centre a OTS software file. From here the car can either be left with a safe tune that has been tested across the globe, or the tuner can data log the vehicle. If a vehicle is data logged, we can then change the software file to better suit an individual vehicle.

We now deliver Tuning software and tools around the globe as far as New Zealand, USA and Central Europe. This allows us to supply 99% of software that is available on the market today. If we cannot provide something, we will research and develop it for you! We do not ever want to be in a position where a software package cannot be provided.

Our team consists of some of the world’s biggest tuning companies, I am very proud of what our team has achieved and I will continue to deliver on what I originally set out to do.

We can provide a retail customer with a full custom remap to meet your requirements or if you are a trade customer, we can provide you and/or your company with software branded as Intune Performance or on a “White Label Basis” this allows you to rebrand our software as your own while remaining part of the Intune Performance Team.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Intune Performance,

Sam White