Mobile Vehicle Remapping

Take control of your vehicle performance with Stage 1 or 2 vehicle remapping

See huge improvements in speed, power, fuel economy and all round handling.

Did you know, most cars, by default, have their performance intentionally dialled back.

For manufacturers, having a car well within parameters for emissions, power and responsiveness is an easy way to guarantee a standards pass and a sneaky way to release ‘newer’, ‘faster’ and more expensive models in the future…using the same engine, but tweaked.

But, what if you could better utilise that grey area to actually optimise your engine and increase fuel economy AND get boosted speed and power at the same time?

Stage 1 vehicle remapping takes advantage of that space between standard programming and the parameters to give your desired result and the added bonuses of optimal tuning.

Stage 2 vehicle remapping is the next level up involving a combination of tuning and upgrading physical parts to cater for the enhanced capabilities of the vehicle. To discuss a Stage 2 get in touch 

Fantastic and efficient service! Professional staff who are very knowledgeable! Recommend to anyone who is looking to have a remap! Took my BMW 1 Series in and the service from Sam was spot on! Made me aware of the lifetime warranty that is supplied with the vehicle, and that should I have any issues to pop back! And the best bit is, you get the same, if not a better map than other companies offer for a fraction of the price! Honest and reliable company, will be back once I can afford everything for a stage two!
Brad Jordan
Surrey UK

Sounds great, what are my options?

We have a wide range of options depending on your vehicle and your ambition for it.

But some of the most popular benefits you can receive are..

So if you’re looking for more power & speed, better responsiveness, better fuel economy, increased MPG and overall better handling then don’t delay – get your Stage 1 remap booked in. 

Got some concerns? Let’s give you some answers

Realistically, if done by a professional with the experience and knowledge that we have, this will not happen

No, the remap itself will not cause the life of your engine to be shortened. However, if you used your new found power and speed to abuse your vehicle around consistently, this could cause faster wear and therefore potential shortened life of the engine.

We always recommend you tell your insurance company of ANY modifications to your vehicle. Software and Hardware.

Stage 1 is Just a software change, nothing else. Designed to work with your car in standard form.

Stage 2 is for adjusting the software for Hardware modifications like, Intakes and Exhaust work.

Absolutely, we stand by our professional and thorough approach and are happy to provide you with a lifetime software guarantee for any remapping work done on your vehicle.

We’re pretty sure you will be delighted with the new performance of your vehicle following remapping but if you’re not, then we can easily reverse the change made.

From the time I booked my appointment to the time my car was mapped was less than two hours. Stellar service from absolutely top lads. I’ve put 600 miles on the car in the two days after. If you drive carefully it’s still absolutely brilliant on fuel. But now the torque is just continues and it pulls massively harder and smoother all through the Rev range and doesn’t die off anywhere near like it did. Really happy with the result. Will definitely be coming here again and have already passed on the lads details to friends.
Joseph Tomas
Slough UK

What does the process look like?

Step 1

We extract the program from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the vehicle.

Step 2

Using our specialist software and researched maps, we remap the file with the desired ‘mapping’.

Step 3

The newly optimised & enhanced file is loaded back into the ECU

Spill the beans – how does it work?!

The secret’s in the software:-

Our professional performance software has been created in house by our calibration experts.

Using a combination of experience, knowledge and R&D we have learnt and unpicked the engine’s processes that allow us to refine its function by making all the right little adjustments.

On a basic level, a vehicle will express its ‘peak’ power (BHP) and rotational force (torque) at certain revolutions(rpm) or engine speed e.g. 2,500-3,500rpm.

If you can adjust this expression to happen at a lower revolution range, it requires less input from both you, the driver and from the fuel injection, to respond and reach ‘peak’ power and torque.

  • If it requires less effort, it feels more responsive
  • If it requires less fuel, your MPG goes down and your fuel economy goes up.
  • If peak BHP is realised when you reach lower revolutions i.e. sooner, the vehicle will be faster and more powerful with less ‘foot to the metal’

We can’t wait to show you the difference in your all round driving experience!