ECU File Tuning Service

We help YOU to deliver high quality performance results for your customers, but faster!

Intune Performance is Europe’s most popular ECU file tuning specialists.

Our file tuning service speeds up the process without compromise..

“If you’re offering remapping services, you need to try Intune’s file tuning!”
John Doe
Garage Owner, SW London

As a garage or commercial fleet owner you want to be able to elevate vehiclular performance as quickly, efficiently and cheaply as you can.

Let me ask you this,

  • Do you find yourself paying high file prices?
  • Do you feel that the quality just isn’t what you’d hoped for?
  • Are you being held up by the process?
  • Or do you want to be able to add remapping to your offering?

If you answered yes or maybe to ANY of these then you’ve only got something to gain from giving us a try.

Our file tuning service offers an extensive range of performance enhancement options for customers, and best of all, our software is developed in-house by calibration experts so you can be rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.

How does it work?

Step 1

Extract ECU file from vehicle using a tuning tool (also available to purchase form our store)

Step 2

Upload the file to us via the Tuning Portal

Step 3

Within 20 minutes we will have the tuned file back to you, guaranteed

Step 4

Load the high quality tuned file back into the ECU

Step 5

Customer heads home delighted with their decision!

You can also check out our training and support portal for news, articles and advice on all things remapping for our loyal file tuning customers!

Recently purchased an Autotuner off Intune Performance and they have been excellent to getting set up and start remapping. First class service and support, and best prices on the market I recommend these guys to anyone looking to start tuning or existing garages Thanks Intune Performance
Ashley mcdowell